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Our Ghost Cat

Our Ghost Cat

written by: Cindy Medina



Starting sometime in 2014, I noticed what seemed to be a ‘second cat’ in our home, which looks exactly like our real cat, Trixie. We only have Trixie, and no feral cats ever get in. I’ll relate the three most interesting incidents thus far.

One day, shortly after noon, I’d gotten resettled at my home office desk; ready for the remainder of a long workday. Trixie abruptly appeared in the hallway from the living room; head down and quickly slinking into our master bedroom. I figured, oh great; someone’s coming to the front door (inner wooden door open; outer mesh door locked). Anticipating a knock or ringing of the doorbell, I got up, stepped into the hallway, stepped into the living room … to see Trixie twelve feet away, sitting calmly at the mesh door watching birds. She could not have returned to that spot without our crossing paths (there is no alternate route).

On another occasion, I’d just gotten up at dawn, having slept in our guest bedroom. I heard Trixie in the bathroom (down the hallway and to my right), energetically scratching and kicking inside her litter box. Thought nothing of it. I turned left, took three steps and looked into the master bedroom (husband still asleep?) … to see Trixie lying comfortably at husband’s side and peering calmly at me. It is impossible that she could be there; would require her passing me in the narrow hallway, and besides that she was settled as though having lain there for some time.

A few months ago I awoke to hear a loud feline purring beneath my pillow; directly at my ear. Trixie is not there (nor could any flesh and blood feline be). It’s my head on pillow on upper arm on mattress. If I pick my head up, the purring stops. And vice versa – it starts again. This ghostly purring has occurred at least three times.

I leave it to the reader to take my word for all this and decide.

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