Mother's Touch written by RLYNN at

Mother’s Touch

Mother’s Touch

written by: RLYNN



I craved your love
although it was absent.
constantly trying to be
someone worthy
of your love and attention.
Hey mama!
look at me –
Please stop running.
Please don’t forget about me.

I needed you.
to guide me through
my impressionable youth.
To tell me that I mattered
that you cared
that you loved me
with all that you were.
But you were absent
looking for comfort
outside of my fragile arms.

You didn’t want me
I know that now.
I was a constant reminder
of the loveless marriage
you desperately wanted out of.
You can try to deny it.
But my heart knows the truth.
It was planted and rooted
by the absence of your presence
and nurtured by the cold hollows
reflected from your empty heart.

It’s too late.
For you. For us.
I no longer crave
my mother’s touch.

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