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To Cross The Line

To Cross The Line

written by: RLYNN



The line of decisions is drawing near.
To cross the line. To cross the line.
Determined to cross it, to look past it, to forget it.
I stop, temptation runs through me.
To turn back to sweet haven.

We all say things that can hurt one another.
We all say things that aren’t really true.
We all say things that we believe are true;
but when everything is said and done,
does the word remain true?
Maybe things aren’t as strong as you thought they were.
Maybe you’re just holding on because you’re scared of change.
The awkward moments and the unbearable silence are slowly approaching the surface.
Do you feel it too?

Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me. Maybe we’re breaking through the mould.
The mould of what was once so comforting.
A mould we thought was timeless, unbreakable; is starting to wear and tear.
Took advantage of the memories we thought would never change.
But tensions are rising, emotions are stirring, and friendships are breaking.
To fix it, to fix it. How can we fix it? Should it be fixed?
Or should we just let time deteriorate the once so sacred mould?

To cross the line, to cross the line.

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