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Outside the Gates

Outside the Gates

written by: Ernest Federspiel


Don’t you see the world is changing, it’s no longer around the bend
The gates of hell were opened, and Satan has welcomed us in
The gates have always been waiting for the masses to arrive in tow
Most go through blindly, not paying attention to what they owe
I always kept my third eye opened when I was around those gates
You could say I worked overtime to ensure that wasn’t my fate

You see I’ve chased the pleasure of tasting the lust and the sin
But through it all, I managed to stop it from pulling me in
Looking through the eyes of a fog filled brain let me see clearly
That I stood to lose all of the things that I’ve held so dearly
I had to turn around and face the consequences of my ways
Now is the time to stand up proud and be done with the sinful daze

As the world spins into this deteriorating spiral it is losing control
The masses don’t seem to care about what happens to their soul
Most are just looking for fortune more than finding ways to survive
Walking into the gates of hell freely behind those sugar coated lies
You don’t see the world is changing as Satan offers you free reign
The gates of hell are open and collecting souls at a steady gain

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