Parkland's Valentine's Day Roses by Charlie Bottle at

Parkland’s Valentine’s Day Roses

Parkland’s Valentine’s Day Roses

written by: Charlie Bottle



Valentine’s Day roses frozen in time,
on freshly turned earth wilts,
cut short by brass and lead,
in presses sweated and swaged
by us at piecework rates,
the roses names invisibly inscribed,
with a fatal day and time by fate.

Fate awaited the fingerprint,
of a sweaty, trigger finger,
a heart in a chest with hate pounding,
and a mind by murderous intent hounded,
to its purpose, acquisition of toll numbers,
and a notoriety in history
as the heinous demon, who chose to do this deed.

Having made cold steel its creed,
and colder still the heart,
inuring, the mind to dark apathy
it made blind those eyes to kith and kin,
to the roses and souls encased within,
and to lives with silver threads joined,
as we too are, we who are here.

Footnotes and pages,
in Time’s tremendous tome,
the roses still smell fresh there,
and in the sweet memory of those,
who tend with love moments past,
remain fresh, after malodorous intents,
are blotted out by Love into a scarred oblivion.


Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland Florida on Valentine’s Day.

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