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Peace Be Still

written by: Laura Hughes



Hope you have found the peace,
you've always been wanting.
May pains of your past cease,
all their dreadful haunting.

You searched this life over,
for love in wrong places.
But like a lucky clover,
God gave you four faces.

To love and to cherish,
from the very first day.
Their love will not perish,
for it will light your way.

To the heavens above,
where no place is greater.
To arms of those we love,
and heaven's Creator.

So rest now cousin dear,
for your pain will now heal.
There is nothing to fear,
because peace will be still...



My dear cousin lost her battle, so I wrote this piece in honor of her.
I really hope my cousin now has the peace she has always searched for...

Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

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I am just your average person with a tendency to rhyme.
Laura Hughes

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