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Green To Brown

Green To Brown

written by: Kia Jones



Watching the leaves change from green to brown,
Feeling my face turn from smile to frown,
I delve into thoughts about man and his ways,
And pictures flow freely of happier days.
When innocence was mine and curiosity was fun,
Before I came here, I was a ray from the sun.
I was the universe unfolding at a time warp speed,
I had everything I wanted, there was nothing to need.
No physical weight to slow me down,
Nothing in it’s beauty just circling around.
An existence of mind, in my purest form,
Nothing strange about me, I was the perfect norm.
But here in this place, I find it hard to fit in,
I’m heavy, I’m loud, and I have a stubbly chin,
My thoughts are not matched by the things that I see,
There are laws and restrictions stopping me being me.
Nature is hidden by the walls all around,
And concrete is covering the earth on the ground.
My sky is hidden by an intense orange glow,
Stealing from me the stars that I know.
The seasons will change, and cycles repeat,
Money to make and deadlines to meet.
But a moment I will take, to just sit down,
So I can contemplate the transition from green to brown.

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