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When You Fell Asleep

When you fell asleep

written by: Ingela(saja)



“I need your permission to put him to sleep” – That’s what he said in a voice cold and deep.
I begged: Oh God, no! Can I please get a minute? But I only got a box with my dead cat in it.
Our cat, our baby, our beloved in a box! I knew that now’s the time when insanity knocks.
From there and to the hospital I ran crying. You fighting for your life, I found you lying.
Oh how you hated me. I hated God and lost all energy.
Chaos and mayhem surround us and sets.
And you look to me to fix all the threats.
I wanted to scream: I can’t handle it!! Loosing it all and keep fighting!
Why can’t God be a friend and let me be struck by lightning!
I couldn’t,  of course, I made my bed beside you,
we hold hands and when you fell asleep, I fell in a light sleep to.



Fighting the sorrows in life by writing, sometimes joking, sometimes I try to put words to the pain

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