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Picture This – The River

Picture This – The River

written by: Jacqueline Mead



Dawn has broken, the Sun has risen greeting a brand-new day. Shedding a soft warmth upon the ground with its long reaching ultraviolet rays.
As I walk, I feel a pleasant warmth upon my face; The Sun reaches through to my soul and with it brings a warm glow, its a glorious way to start the day.

The cumulus clouds above our heads, tumble, and twirl. Like, soft, fluffy balls of cotton wool, they bobble and swirl.
Every cloud leaving a trail, and slowly a masterpiece begins to unfurl.

Framing the river, trees of Birch, Willow and Hazel, grown, tall and wide.
Like proud soldiers they stand, their trunks lining the banks of the riverside. On the banks of the river, surrounding the root of the trees.
A visual display of the most perfect white daisies.

Whilst high in the sky, Ravens, Pigeons, and Seagulls gracefully fly.
Noisily flapping their wings as they soar and then dive.
A game of catch and chase taking place, way up high.

On the surface of the river, Ducks, Swans and Geese swim in harmony.
A thriving colony of Anatidae.
Waiting to be fed by humans, the bread of life, until their bellies are full and they are satisfied.

Like the lens of a camera my eye captures the scene.
Like a computer, my brain saves it, and titles it,” Captivating”.
The scene before me, brings calm and peace to my body and mind.
I find it instantly invigorating, there is no other way that matches, that I can find.

This is the power of nature; the power to cleanse and repair.
If we all could only take just five minutes to stand and stare.

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