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Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



It’s easily said,

that to a situational madness.

There can’t be anything

anyone can explain in a

substance of making sense.

We hold these

instances to be self


so set your feelings aside

and say, “que sera sera!”


equipped for any coming


You’ve got me twisted in

some form of

being perfectly picturesque.

Representing something

I’ll never be,

so leave those

basic storybook tellings behind

and say, “que sera sera!”

It’s in the imagination of

that man beholden.

Where do they get off thinking,

they hold the rights to being


Don’t you know I’m robust?

Stiffened in resolve

to become your personal

obsession through my rebellion,

so stop seeking a remedy

to the subversive mind

and say, “que sera sera!”

There’s no more necessary.

I don’t need to adhere

to your addictions.

Realizing you’re my

new arch-enemy.

A most formidable adversary,

but I’ve come to cross you out

past the subliminal category!

I told you before

labels are distracting

so I’ll just say,

“que sera sera”

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