Red Crow written by Lance Sheridan at

Red Crow

Red crow

written by: Lance Sheridan



Black cloth i saw flying in redden rain
flapping wings laden, beckoning
the tree held together with paper and
bark. …it awaited the saw of men;
black night straying, straying towards
the cloth of dark; rain has its foot
on the neck of the crow. …arrogant rain.

Lo! the swollen creek, no more of drink
for the thirsty crow, the rain drank
and it drank till there was no more to drink;
i heard the voice of black cloth
arising, demanding solace. …be you
immovable where you stand, i
thought; i isolated myself in thought.

The crow, substance of earth, water, trees,
redden rain laden plunged into the
creek, red tide to the sea. …through the
pasturage, the cottonwood died; i
sat alone, rejected everything, rejected
nothing. …nothing is sinful; i saw
black cloth dying, dying with flapping wings.


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Lance Sheridan

Lance Sheridan

I began lance sheridan® in January of 2013. I’ve had over two dozen poems published to date. They’ve been accepted into more than a dozen journals including—

The Mind[less] Muse
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The BeZine
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I’m sarcastic, have an offbeat sense of humor, a purveyor of words and imagery, love music, read, drink coffee, exercise, dislike ruffians.
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