Saint Patrick's Day, poetry by Eric Shelman at

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

written by: Eric Shelman


Mighty, magical
memorable, merry, me-
own, best, blessedly

Pinch proof proud, out loud
great genuine glorious gold
green happiest, drunk

Irish-green, Irish-inspired
Irish-themed, Celtic-Inspired

Green-attired, green-themed
green-clad, annual, Gaelic
fun-filled, festive, forever

Spread sacred Christian scriptures, stories
As a missionary, all around the country of
Ireland, and contributed
Numerous noteworthy notions
Teaching Irish
Pagan beliefs, and rituals with Christian
As a slave, he tended sheep and
The master, was a High Priest Druid
Roman Briton, he was
Insisted that he needed to convert non-
believers throughout Ireland
Captured, enslaved by pirates, for six years
Which he came closer to Christianity
during, thought this was God testing his
Known for his writings, Confessio and
Letter to Coroticus and became Catholic
Saint, and the patron of Ireland
Died in Saul, Ireland in the
Year of 461

Sun-worshiping native symbology with the
Christian Cross
And his aha
Introduced the Celtic Cross, improvisatori
Noticeable negotiations, narration
Throughout his missionary work, transmit
Patrick, supported Church officials,
created councils, founded monasteries,
And organized Ireland, into dioceses, alpha
Taught Theology’s tactful text
Resistance, met him, but was eventually
successful with converting Ireland
with rigor
Introduced the Holy Trinity with the three
leafed clovers, supervirtuosi
Christianity called to him during his
enslavement, increasingly he grew
determined to convert Ireland to
Christianity, through visions, arc
Known as its National Apostle and luck
Sanctified, sainted, souls
Dedicated and remembered on Saint
Patrick’s Feast Day on March 17, which
was celebrated for over one thousand
years in Ireland
Applied and entered the priesthood at
Auxerre, France, area
Years after his death, he is still celebrated
locally and internationally

Ales, alcohol, ales, apparel, authentic, awed
Breakfasts, beef and cheddar potpie with
Stout crust, Black-and-Tan Pork With
Spicy Ale Slaw, Beer-battered broccoli
bagpipes banshees, blarneys, blarney
stones, bogs brogues, Becon, ballons
Cabbages, corned beef hash, Colcannon
Coodle, coffee, chocolate Stout cakes
corned beef and poached eggs
Christianity, Catholicism, celebrate
Celtic, clovers, coins, corn, customs
Church, castles, cross, coins
Dressed Up Coffee, Donnybrook, Dublin,
Emerald Isle, Emerald eggs, Emerald Green
Folklore, feasts, festivities, fun, fortunes,
four-leaf-clovers, family, flutes
Guinness Brownies, green-dyed Velvet
Layer Cakes, Guinness Brown Breads
Green-dyed everything, Guinness Floats
Gaelic, gold, good luck, green
Hold Er Horses, Half and Half, harps,
Hibernian, holiday, horseshoes
Ireland, Irish, Irish Cream Jelly Shots, Irish
Pride, Irish Flags, Irish Heritage, Irish
Kings, knits, knights, keen
Luck of the Irish, Leprechauns, leprechaun
hats, little people legendary, Lime Poke
cakes, limericks, lucky
Mint Snapps shakes, Mint milkshakes,
magical, March, mischief, mischievous,
music, masks
Nimble, Nonsense
Potatoes, potato cakes, patron, pot of gold,
Patrick, prayer, peace, parades,
Paganism, parable, parochial, Pub
Quaint, query, quest, quiet
Religious, rainbows, Republic of Ireland
Soda breads, Shepherd’s Pies, Saint
Patrick, Shamrock-shaped scones, Stew,
Shamrocks, spinach cakes, soda-bread
biscuits Shamrocks Pestos, seventeenth,
snake, shillelagh, St. Paddy’s Day, Spring
Tipperary, traditional, Trifolium, Trinity
Unique, Universal
Velvet shamrocks, valiant knights vivacious, Vitriol
Whiskey Mule, Watercress Soup with
Whiskey Cream, walking stick, wearing
green, warm, wish
Yarn, yellow

Saint Patrick’s Feast Day has come
today, you
see, let’s find the lucky clovers, four-
searching until we find Leprechauns crew
tricking, and taking their treasure
we will pick up shamrocks, and observe
wearing all green so we don’t get
pinched by
others, practicing the rituals gem
fantastic festive fun for all ages
revering, remembering, Saint Patrick
his contributions to Catholicism
being enslaved, gaining freedom, hat trick
services, successes, to Ireland
converting most Druids to Catholicism
good luck, salvation, isms, and prisms

There’s a green Isle, set in the sea
here’s to Saint Patrick who blessed it
and to Nature’s billows wild and free
where centuries have caressed it

treasures, good fortune, fun
Saint Patrick’s Feast Day, festivals

Last week on the street I saw
costumed children, adults, and animals

Green little men, might they be Leprechauns?

Children filled the streets
each holding bags and cauldrons
I heard them saying and looking for
Leprechauns, in order to obtain their gold, and treasures, good fortune, and wealth

I heard them saying they’re going to trick these Leprechauns and take their treasures to better their lives

I heard them saying to each other let’s find the four-leaf-clovers, so we may look them over for luck

I saw green-dyed everything
I saw them eating corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes

Strangest neighbors I have ever seen and I shook my head
O, maybe it was Saint Patrick’s Day, like I read

treasure hunting
singing praising songs about Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick’s Day
gold, Leprechauns
scavenging, finding, collecting
prospectors jewelry, wealth, luck
beautiful, metallic

There was an Old Irish man sainted
by the Catholic Church, who was painted
as Ireland’s National patron saint
who met resistance, and eventually
prevailed quaintly
revering, Patrick, as their hero, acquainted.

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