And Irish Eyes Are Smiling, poem by Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia at
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And Irish Eyes Are Smiling

And Irish Eyes Are Smiling

written by: Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia



Any moment those clovers of life could explode
Into dark unreturning death
Eyes that see now blank into blindness
Stone deafness strikes the whorls of seashell sound
In-taken breath be helpless to come out
Warm flowing blood may freeze in lifeless veins
Electric impulse of the heart shut down
Love seeks the living moment to impress
Upon the flow of time its own likeness
That which is forever must be loved
While the heart still beats and mind still thinks
Or soul is lost for many aeons more
In daze and maze and labyrinths of rebirth.
Find a rose or a face or lake or a carpet
Love someone something somehow somewhere
Far beyond yourself and find redemption.
A hot stew steams in plates for you to eat
A Fair Isle sweater cuddles you in warmth
And Irish eyes are smiling.

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