When One Plus One Leaves One, poem by Ken Gosse at Spillwords.com
Ron Lach

When One Plus One Leaves One

When One Plus One Leaves One

(a Longerick)

written by: Ken Gosse


Near look-alikes, they were fraternal
(the same guy was jointly paternal,
and although he might spoof her
the twins weren’t a twofer)
with two older brothers
(the twins weren’t their druthers!)
who had two twin sisters,
so they had two misters
as siblings, but lo,
pretty soon they would know
they each had just one twin
although they both had been
in the womb with each other
and knew one another
since long before birth
when their mother’s great girth
had reached fifty-two inches,
a measure that clinches
she had more than one
deep inside, who’d begun
to prepare for arrival,
for new-world survival,
but doing the math
since their time in that bath
it had proved out of reach
to have two sisters each
instead of just one
who would share all their fun
since that nocturnal game went internal.

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