Santa Loves His Silver Sleigh, a poem by Vickie Johnstone at

Santa Loves His Silver Sleigh

Santa Loves His Silver Sleigh

written by: Vickie Johnstone



Santa comes but once a year,
his belt isn’t made of leather,
and every time he combs his beard
the hairs tumble out like feathers.

Rudolph is his favourite reindeer
because he’s just really clever.
He’s good at games and tests and stuff,
and he’ll go ride in any weather.

Santa’s big love is his silver sleigh.
He likes to polish it night and day,
and go for joyrides once a week,
waving at Earth and the Milky Way.

Mrs Claus cooks the most wondrous pies.
Of this, Santa’s round belly is the proof.
She also mulls a wintry clove brew
that even Rudolph loves – that’s the truth!

The elves have wrapped all the gifts now,
the fairies have bathed them in magic dust,
so it’s time for Santa to rev up the sleigh:
“Rudolph, come on! It’s New York or bust!”

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