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written by: Nivedita Das


Not connected by blood,
but memories to behold!!
Walked to school,
as happy fools!!
United at heart,
promises not to part!!
Life had no goals,
were happy souls!!
Days all bright,
hearts all light!!
White washed walls,
and pillars tall!!
As fragile creatures,
dreaded rage of teachers!!
Learned lessons,
enjoyed chatting sessions!!
Books, notes, tiffin and shares,
games, computers, labs and prayers!!
Tests, exams, homework and scores,
holidays, birthdays and downpours!!
Happiness in small celebrations,
carefree days and mundane occasions!!
From toddlers to teens,
life had no reins!!
Not connected by blood,
but memories to behold!!

Nivedita Das

Nivedita Das

Homemaker, Mother, Nature lover, Voracious reader, Story teller.
Nivedita Das

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