Scorpionic Reprise, a poem by Leila Ziari at

Scorpionic Reprise

Scorpionic Reprise

written by: Leila Ziari


Let the darkness have its reign
Surrendered to these Scorpionic refrains
Moonlight becomes me, kill the flame
Vilified are the last-ditch efforts of my brain
Crucified is the insanity that prevents me from a mortal gain
Illusions have slipped away, stripped of all pain
As if I would allow limited beliefs to continuously reign

Saboteurs to my universal connection
Cast out in my circle of protection
Arisen from the shadows, demons of reflection
Stung by the tail of a Scorpion, curses of yesteryear undone
Counteracting its toxins, utilized as my holy medicine
Wielding the ankh of Thoth as my talisman
Summon goddess Isis, it’s my resurrection

Mummified was my sacred essence
Locked in a tomb of self-imposed resistance
Standing in the doorway to death
Conjuring magical influence, guarded by my lord Osiris
Playing my hand in the unknown abyss
Bury the hatchet with those old Egyptian secrets
Expose my strength, show me courage in my weakness

No mistakes, no accidents
Clearing out the dust from my depths
A serendipitous remembrance recovered on the shelves of neglect
I and I wave the white flag in the war for independence
I’ll take no prisoners, release the hostages
Spill the poison, exile my own senselessness
Pour all excess into the cauldron of the witch

Stir the potion of vindication as I chant the fated incantations
Set fire to all reservations, praise my blessed reincarnation
Compelled to tune myself to sources station
I’m rolling down the tracks of self-exploitation
Reducing to rubble all mortal hesitation
Lover, it’s the mystic hour of divination
Let us dance with the spirit of unification

A power surge diversified in this Scorpionic reprise
Serve the poison of the past to all who refuse to step aside
Assist me, assist me or meet your demise
I’ll transmute all energy, in the furnace I shall thrive
A phoenix coming in hot, this season shall be my rise
On this wave of mystery, I vow to ride
A mischievous servant of the darkened skies

Purging the evil deeds of mankind
Retaliation against the unholy mind
What lurks beneath will be brought alive
Make me your monster like Frankenstein
Plunged into madness, boil my pride
I am that I am, eternities bride
I dare you to join me in these feelings intensified

Send back the wicked hellhounds
I’ll tame any beast that surrounds
Rest my sword on fertile ground
The battle won, tell my guards to stand down
Bewitched as the Akashic scroll is unwound
Terrorized no longer, the 5d is found
I turn over a new leaf and let love abound

Lifeless haunts revisited, released
A ghoulish trick or cosmic treat?
No longer scrutinized by that old black magic full of deceit
Tomentous skeletons may rest in peace
I’m submerged into the pool of what lies beneath
As the heavens envelop all semblances of grief
I and I syncopated my beloved’s heartbeat

Mirror, mirror what do you see
I’m catapulting full force, laying down the fury
Climbing the ladder to infinity
Sending kisses to what is dead and buried
Opening myself up to receive, giving shadows a reprieve
Hypnotized, mesmerized on all hallows eve
Forcefully bringing down the veil of dreams

I’m cackling like a woman maddened
As I dissolve karmic contracts of dread
I’ve lost my head, left it for dead
The venomous elixir has been shed
Fire the shots, full speed ahead
I’ve spun myself into eternities web
I’m purring like a black cat, sprawled upon my lover’s bed

All insecurities have been devoured
Every last stone has been unturned upon the tower
Invoke that voodoo, let that acid rain shower
Burning to ashes all that is not power
The door to the unknown beckons, don’t be a coward
Consumed with mystery, lover it’s the mystic hour
I’ll dive headfirst into the darkness as destiny begins to flower

Give the queen of cups her time of domination
Let my emotions take charge of navigation
Throw my false masks in the chamber of cremation
My heart beats in the dungeon regeneration
Come closer baby, I’m full of flirtation
In full surrender, fears are sent to damnation
No horror show, the future is open for creation

Spirit fail me not, I’m on a rampage
Thine is the glory of the miracles I claim
Light up the altar, dance upon graves
What is dead and buried simply cannot remain
Send out prayers, their sacrifices were not in vein
In my place of power, eternity screams out my name
Riding high on this Scorpionic refrain

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