Wishful Thinking, a poem by Grace Y. Estevez at Spillwords.com
Vil Son

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

written by: Grace Y. Estevez



I wish I could be satisfied,
grateful as time just passes by,
emotions are intensified,
while living in an empty lie.

I wish mistakes were rectified,
forgiveness leads to second tries.
Let happiness invade and guide,
so haunting memories all die.

I wish my thoughts were classified,
to not slip up with quick replies,
my voice could whisper deep inside,
where sentiments lay and reside.

I wish my scorn was pacified,
so inner peace could touch the sky.
Euphoric visions open wide,
and manifest before my eyes.

I wish daydreams were gratified,
held expectations floating high,
opposing views all cast aside,
so harmony can always fly.

I wish all delights amplified,
so that my mind stops asking “why?”
Pray disappointments all subside,
and tears of joy are all I cry.

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