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written by: Vijinarayan



I am an apostle of silence
Practicing silence like a life skill
I love the beauty in unuttered words
I can easily understand the song of silence
Still I do want to scream at the top of my voice at times.
I want to scream as my lung would tear to shreds
When another tiny tot has been
Abused and raped in my land.
I want to scream and break a head
When a politician supports a predator
Just because he belongs to his party.

I want to scream nooooooooo
When people talk about inclusiveness
As if it is the stylish thing to do and
Give a separate glass to a hardworking maid.
I want to scream- “you besotted idiot!”
When a patriarchal old fool
Asserts his supremacy over women of his family.
I want to scream and hit the roof
When someone says
He is proud of the caste into which
He is born.
I want to scream and cry
When a youngster turns out to be
Abusive and patriarchal to the core
Not an inch better than his illiterate ancestors.
Every other day, I come across instances,
For me, wanting to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeam

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