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written by: Daniel S. Liuzzi



Can you see the seagulls glide?
Their calls crying out the sea’s real name
On the rocks seaweed dried
Before the waves crash to reclaim
On the sandy shore I stride
Observing the sea I wish to tame
On the horizon as the sunset hide
The sky and sea colored its dying flame
I watch the seagulls glide.
My spirit howls out the cave
Spinning through the air like a boomerang
My shadow splashes on the wave
In the rain my song is sang

Daniel S Liuzzi

Daniel S Liuzzi

Daniel S. Liuzzi, a Poet and aspiring writer from New York who is a lover of Sushi (anything Japanese really), Video Games and a good movie. Writes mainly Short stories of Strange Fiction, Fiction and Horror.
Daniel had two poems published in the June 2011 issue of the Taj Mahal Review and in the past contributed to Far Horizons E-mag.
Daniel is inspired by the works of Franz Kafka, HP Lovecraft and Vince Flynn.
Daniel S Liuzzi

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