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John Zaker

Season’s Spirit

Season’s Spirit

written by: LadyLily


Framed blue frozen lake,
Geese run, glide, 
buffing fibreglass foil,
transforms into sheets of platinum.

Queues of fine fir trees
traced emerald tips
poke the sky of shimmering scarlet.
Iced Moon drifts into view without a word,
its beams spill across rivers,
lines of glimmering fire.

Trillion snowflakes hug together…
Snowman born, bold, stiff.
Snow swirls tag one-another,
settle on vermillion Winter Pansies.
Wrapped, silk-skinned Crocus in timeless state,
Excited!…Await…timeslot to ignite…
Pearls flick-flack open, then
suffocated by Nature’s icing.

Circles of mauve mists
mesmerize Robin, chips sharp notes…
pure as frankincense, healing as myrrh.
A shift in azure air wobbles webs,
attentive spiders stand attentioned.

Pearl orbs of mistletoe
tremble with kisses.
Sherbet-lemon Violas 
eavesdrop from comfy corms.
All-encompassing seasons whirl,
enveloping a wondrous world,
she silently slumbers.

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