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written by: Maveriqué Richard



There are two sides to a coin;
And many different shades of gray,
Colors blend from various rays;
To give rainbows in a deep blue sky.

There is a fox in every man;
A shadowing demon,
And a Mona Lisa,
A tender heart and the devil’s loin;
Strong emotions paired in despair.

Mortal men are like a nerveless thorn;
Running freely on a glowing rose,
A steep ocean of inestimable depth;
And a lowland of mountains and hills.

He’s Kindness with a stint of pain,
Sweetness and tinctures of sour,
An Island of boundless contours;
Depending on which Ox is gored.

Maveriqué Richard

Maveriqué Richard

Maveriqué Richard: A Nigerian, who currently studies Pharmacy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

• Vision/Mission: Perceives poetry as a better tool of expression, and the language with which we could communicate to the immortal soul of man.
• Drives/Inspirations: The intricacies of life and the mysteriousness of death; the tragedy of unjustness, pains of grief, and the unselective magnanimity of loving and love are among my few inspirations.
•Interests: Loves being heard, and enjoys above all, the company of cool friends. Very open to opinions, and learning and believes strongly that through poetry the discerning mind of the average human could be reached.
Maveriqué Richard

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