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The Flow

The flow

written by:  William T Fearby


When you first sit down to write let it flow
Open up your mind and let your inhibitions go
Your words will take you on a great adventure
From Loves sweet dreams right to dementia

Let it flow go on and let it flow
you have no control where your words go
First you start out with a theme
Then you end up with a dream
Your words can take you to places you have never been
To slaying A fiery dragon or rescuing A kidnapped queen

Let it flow go on and let it flow
there is no telling where your mind will go
To the outer reaches of space
or a dark and Dismal place
The whole world is there to find
in the perimeters of your mind
Many times I find myself
writing about suffering and mental health

Then my words twist and turn
to a dark place of no return
Where demons dare to tread
playing wicked games inside my head
And then the magic of the flow
takes me on an adventure in the snow
To a place I have never been
ruled by the wicked ice queen

And the beautiful damsel in distress
whose life is in a complete mess
Locked up in the castle tower
in fear of her impending final hour
All these things come flooding through
and there is nothing you can do
So you have to write them down
and let the flow move them all around

All these thoughts inside my head
excite me and fill my thoughts with dread
These are just a few things that you find
flowing through a writer’s vivid mind
So let it flow you will never know
in which direction your flow will go


(C) william t fearby

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