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written by: Barbara Avon



my father always said never underestimate the power of the spoken word when I was twenty three I realized what he meant when I told Bill I loved him he heard me but said nothing I guess my words hit him like a fist in the face that's when I decided to hate people rather than try to love them my father came back to haunt me when I used the spoken word on Jenn my daughter she would never forgive me for saying I wished she had never been born at fifty four I witnessed Jenny's death and cried on Bill's shoulder i love you he said

Barbara Avon

Barbara Avon

APR/MAY 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Barbara Avon is a multi-genre Author. She has written since she was young, pursuing her dreams and vowing to write for as long as she can. She has worked at several different media publications and will continue to publish novels until “her pen runs dry”. In 2018 she won FACES Magazine's "Best of Ottawa" award for female Author and Spillwords "Author of the Month". She believes in paying it forward and you can read about this belief as the theme is given voice in most of her books. Avon lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, Danny, their tarantula, Betsy, and their houseplant, Romeo.
Barbara Avon

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