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written by: SMiles



Trapped beneath the weight of my expectation
I gasp for eluding breath
a self incarceration choking smog
will I always be
clouded in a shroud of self indulging fog?
A slave of the mirrors criticism
with a developing pain placebo
perpetuating my now only
How I envy the together gang
the focused and driven
smiling through life
enjoying the smalls
feeling content, living without
never needing angst to prove life
nor the urge to scream and shout.
An infinite number of keys are bunched
safe stored around a wire barbed ring
ripping flesh from bone
tearing tears from eyes
as hearts tumble and fall to obscurity
in the scramble from this tomb’s exit
A thousand ways
routes and paths
clarifications and explanations
but only one
that can lift gloom
relieve the angst and deliver from doom
open a door the door
that proves my nirvana.

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