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She’s The Kind of Woman Who…

She’s The Kind of Woman Who…

written by: Ingrid Bruck



plays classical music   and hymns
organ notes          float          from her finger tips
feet    pump     on pedals    under the bench
she jogs in place            where metal meets wood
where another would pound the floor

the walls of the trailer       shake
her husband and two kids flee

I stand

surrender    to a cascade of scales
lift on the swell     of a sonata
ride    on a curl    that flicks
whirl     on surround-sound
vibration in air

motion rocks

fingers     lift      off the keyboard
notes     l-i-n-g-e-r
divinity  f-l-o-a-t-s

she shuts the score, stands tall
glides   the double-wide
music regal as footsteps
spectral as the echo of Beethoven
the spell     laps     the metal walls

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