Sint's Waltz written by Florian Alexander at

Sint’s Waltz

Sint’s waltz

written by: Florian Alexander


I’m falling in spiral in a sweet and warm rocking
My blue boat which splashes, in rhythm on lake
The blue sky above blurs, a darkness descending
On my heavy eyes, though my mind still awake.

An angel in white from a lotus appears
Her image is trembling but smiling to me
Her eyes are so dark and so deep but so pure
They tell me the purpose, the meaning to be.

I feel a cold touch on my cheek and I open
My eyes, just to see her and tell her to stay,
The dream breaks in pieces, a hundred, a thousand.
Cold drop on my cheek. But she’s far away…

Florian Alexander

Florian Alexander

Born and grew up in a communist getto, raised to the challenge of taking on the wild wide world but losing against himself. Now living in Luxembourg for several years. The story continues.
Florian Alexander

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