Six Muses, poetry written by Ian Perlman (prikcab) at
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Six Muses

Six Muses

written by: Ian Perlman (prikcab)


to get back to square one
having not learned a thing
is an unwanted victory
rest is not easy
as we all know
slates are not blank

glowing in the dark
are the faces that have me sinking down
simple chords sound so beautiful
on the outskirts is where I live
being cut off at the soul
has left a jagged feeling

only yesterday
we thought time was on our side
holding on was much simpler then
and the sway kept on so wonderfully
making it matter is what we wanted
it didn’t need to be taken all apart
if I see you in the darkest night
I promise to keep your dreams within my heart

it will come to take you down
oh yes it will
names are what is forgotten
but you will never be
stay awake is what I asked
using a whisper was my mistake
gaining nothing in spite of the truth
makes for a worthless trip
if we shall meet in yonder morning
the sun will shine for me

fallen leaves freckle the path
in the park where I walk
I’m gaining strength
from autumn’s air surrounding me
tragedy lurks, it should not be sought
we will not be less broken
a misplaced note
has me hanging on

bargains struck after midnight
leave questions about true fate
slipping through hands in the rain
raise exhales from deep inside
avert the horns
and you will celebrate another day

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