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Sleepless Night

written by: Abhishek Kumar Sachan


Can’t sleep in the cold night
Sun within leads the fight
Don’t sleep, says heart, life is short
Ahead you, a glory to be fought
Too many stairs to reach the height
Don’t lose, none to listen to your plight
Stay bold when you wanna flight
Life will test your guts and might

No matter how tired you are
Keep going till you are at par
With his world of fake pride
You’ve a world bigger, inside
Don’t stop till you reach the end
But it’s a circle on which victories depend
Pick up no matter how full are your hands
Until you run out of time, like sand
In the end you’ll have a desert of your own
Solitary enough, with none to moan

You can keep awake till you achieve what you want
Or choose to caress love, so life won’t haunt
Have a purpose for a wonderful life
But listen to your heart in case of strife

Abhishek Kumar Sachan

Abhishek Kumar Sachan

I am a 23 year old data analyst by profession, who believes in the beauty of quotidian events and the way each event holds the potential to transform our life into a more meaningful existence. For instance, how does the sound of a flight, passing by, attracts your attention to the fact that there is a whole sky to spread your wings. I have been writing poetry since my school days and write about anything and everything that invokes a thought.
Abhishek Kumar Sachan

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