The Last 20 Pages, a poem written by Abhishek Kumar Sachan at

The Last 20 Pages

The Last 20 Pages

written by: Abhishek Kumar Sachan


Finally reached the bend,
of the memoir got my hands upon
Spent fourteen hours religiously,
on this chronicle till the dawn
A business magnate rising from straws
Step by step building his empire’s claws
Ups and downs, lots of frowns
Lot to learn, experience well-earned

Was inspirational, his every struggle
Each struggle, a tip to smuggle
Googled the legend, out of curiosity
Deeply moved by the innate simplicity
with which he won, with which he raced
Came across the tragedy he faced
And the tragedy too, no mild
No parent should outlive their child

Reached the last, but 20th page
chronology suggested, pain ahead
Struggled within, struggled my soul
Should I sail past this bend
This is not how a voyage must end
In the end, the hearts must mend
Fear of separation turned me cold
It’s inevitable, my dad once told
Still, are unread those 20 pages
Will vacillate me, for ages



Sometimes, one gets involved with someone’s story so excessively that the boundaries of togetherness are crossed. This is when one starts to experience every moment vicariously and the story of the author seems like one’s own. Since, no one wants a sad ending to one’s story, he/she finds it impossible to reach the end, aware of the tragic ending, because deep in one’s core, he/she knows that separation is inevitable.

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