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Social Media

Social Media

written by: NikNik


Social media is driving him crazy
Facing only what he sees on the screen
Locked away up in his rooms
Duplicating the highlights in green

“I’m gonna make it on YouTube”
He said, as he typed and tapped a beat
“Gonna be loved and liked” he cooed
Crazy thoughts were his only retreat

Social media my goodness how odd
The world has been programmed so quick
Here sits a good guy named Rod
Time passes him by “tock!” “tick!”

He tweets his heart to death
“Likes” every picture on Bookface
Becoming more backwards with breath
Depleting away his good Grace

Social media seems almost alive
Giving so many a cheap thrill
We even get to see people die
And in another tab, pay all our bills!

Instagram is Rod’s other world
He travels to so many “sites”
Googles his favorite girl
Then gets ready to chill for the night!

Social media is actually quite smart
For the game is chess is it not?
So swiftly our eyes took over our hearts
As poor Rod just sits there and rots

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