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One Line

written by: Ferris E Jones



One line appeared above
my door, ”God is Dead”.
Black marker on white paper,
Well before the days
of a home computer.
I vaguely remember
putting it there.
I’m sure, a night
of Gin and tonics.
Those minutes were sunshine,
loneliness and Gin,
and again, lots of Gin.
You see agony counts
in minutes, then days,
then yes, perhaps years.
It stops in a moment
of unknowing.

The missing will go away.
Placed on hold for a
little dream of sleep.
Of days, nights remembered,
the future, an eternity together,
that will never be.
Dreams are always thought
of by the young, as living.
But, they are not. They’re
just moments to be used,
to be saved for later use.

In years, they transform –
bits of wisdom, new dreams,
the types you can feel and see.
Real torment and loneliness departs,
sometimes as they were born.
The dreams of sleep are filled with love,
and the Gin, may or may not go away.
But, the thing to remember is,
always to remember.
There is something good in
everything bad. Not everything bad,
is everything bad. Sometimes pain
is freedom, memories may all just be
the focal point for you and me.

Ferris E Jones

Ferris E Jones

Ferris E. Jones writes poetry and screenplays from his residence in Seattle Washington. His work has been published in Se La Vie Writers Journal, Write on Magazine and other literary periodicals. He is the recipient of two Grants from the Nevada Arts Council and published several collections of poetry, including To Burning Man, Oh the Path that Followed and As the Toad Sleeps.
Ferris E Jones

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