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Some Days

Some Days

written by: Ginny M. Jones


Some days I feel so close to permanently broken that I am legitimately concerned for my own mental state. I’m afraid I’m losing touch with reality.

Or perhaps, I am already permanently broken, and the moments without this crushing sense of doom are actually moments of sanity, which I now fear.

I feel like I’m wading through emotions that aren’t really mine, but they leave me exhausted most of the time.

I can’t seem to find my place in this world, but I can’t always be locked away in my own space. Which isn’t a safe space at all with the constant specter of homelessness waiting for me in the hall.

Those things that I treasured are no longer inviting, and the things that excite me seem just out of reach. There’s nothing to go back to, I constantly remind me. Those burned bridges are forever behind me.

Even my current ideal of peace is ever evolving and I can’t find my feet, which clearly won’t happen until I find solid ground and stability. Unfortunately, that used to be me.

I don’t know how to be me at this age, and I question who I even was in the ages that came before. I struggle to make a move, dealing with demons I shouldn’t be battling in life at this stage.

My emotions are unstable, balancing on the edge, and the smallest of things cause spontaneous rage. My sense of hope is worn thin, and I am so tired.

I don’t want to push on but I don’t know how to stop. At the same time, I’m terrified of standing still. Yet, here I stand, so much lost of me, everything that defined me, and with all of my searching, I can’t seem to find me.

Every turn I took, each path I chose, led me here. Back against the wall, or bricks in the face, I’m afraid there’s not much more I’m going to be able to take.

Some days, I pray it’s only depression and I’ll once again find my way out, but even I admit I don’t recognize its current expression. The brief recession only leads to more doubt.

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