Echoes of Neglect: Spoken Word for Veterans, a poem by Ginny M. Jones at

Echoes of Neglect: Spoken Word for Veterans

Echoes of Neglect

Spoken Word for Veterans

written by: Ginny M. Jones


In battles fought, they stood strong,
Defending the land where they belong.
But beyond the guns and the battlefield’s dust,
Lie the struggles endured, unseen and unjust.

They return with memories etched deep within,
Haunted by ghosts that reside under their skin.
For the burdens they bear are not easily shed,
A journey of a thousand steps awaits the undead.

Invisible scars, like shadows they hide,
Deep-seated anguish that dwells inside.
Haunted dreams, restless nights they endure,
As they return to a world now foreign, for sure.

Reintegration is a path that’s simply unclear,
A new battle waged, as they struggle to persevere.
From camaraderie bound to solitude’s grasp,
Seeking solace and strength to overcome the past.

Once decorated heroes now forgotten souls,
The nation’s defenders left bearing heavy tolls.
They fought with valor, with hearts ablaze,
And returned to a world of empty praise.

Through battles won and battles lost,
The war within comes at such high cost.
Their bodies scarred, their spirits frayed,
Now left to grapple with a debt unpaid.

They shed their blood on foreign lands,
In service to our government’s demands.
But at home indifference rears its ugly head,
For government neglect and broken promises they bled?

They breathe righteous anger and voices grow loud,
As they seek only justice from that cold-hearted crowd.
Their cries fall upon ears that refuse to hear,
As they navigate a system that’s opaque and unclear.

That uniform they wore, garments of pride,
Its honor denied now that it’s been cast aside.
Physically broken and mentally scarred,
Their wounds ignored and their cries disbarred.

They yearn for empathy, for their nation’s embrace,
Yet face indifference, no kindness, defaced.
How can we reconcile their sacrifice and pain,
With a government that dismisses their cost to maintain?

Challenges abound, on the home front they face,
Seeking purpose, healing, a small amount of grace.
While the skills they possess and the valor they’ve shown,
Could benefit us all and help to atone.

Through resilience and courage, they forge ahead,
Our militant brothers and sisters continue to tread.
Together we should stand, a support system strong,
Honoring the sacrifices and righting the wrong.

Anger burns, like a fire deep within,
Fueled by betrayal as they sit and they spin.
We should all stand united, voices raised high,
Demanding recognition and the reasons for why.

To our leaders, we say, with thunderous might,
Veterans deserve more than apathy, more than this fight.
We demand the respect earned and refuse to be hushed,
Acknowledge their sacrifice and provide what is just.

From the ashes of neglect, we could all rise,
While warriors are warmed by the fire in our eyes.
While not bound by brotherhood, we should stand as one,
Fighting for the dignity that their battles have won.

In their homeland’s embrace, a new fight will unfold,
Not with weapons, but with their stories untold.
For the scars they bear, the struggles they face,
Shall not be in vain, but ignite a new race.

Through advocacy and strength we can reclaim their voice,
Demanding change as unity becomes our choice.
Together we will march, hearts intertwined,
Champions for justice, our mission defined.

For a country of great power, they made their stand,
Defending the rights of every woman and man.
Their battles should not be in vain, don’t be mistaken,
No longer should they be forgotten nor forsaken.

With courage aflame, we should push for a new way,
Where no veteran shall be left to society’s decay.
For the ideals they fought for on distant shores,
Should be returned at home, to even the score.

So let us rise, with resilience and might,
Guided by the values for which they still fight.
Together we’ll rewrite the narrative’s tale,
Restoring honor to veterans where indifference prevails.

Lend your ears with hearts opened wide,
To their stories untold, and let empathy reside.
For in unity and compassion, we hold the key,
To heal the wounds of those who served faithfully.

Remember the veterans with gratitude and care,
For their profound sacrifice, let’s always be aware.
And in this poem’s verses, may their voices be heard,
Echoing their struggles, for they deserve every word.

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