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Nathan Anderson

Someone Called My Name

Someone Called My Name

written by: Ujjal Mandal



In the midst of the jungle
Each night I could hear
Someone calling my name:
O Bright! O Bright!

A little cottage
Made with dry leaves
I lived in a cage
Full of darkness.

One day I dared––
As I opened the half-broken door
The smell of wild flowers
Wafted out,
The red dew was dripping
That drew the jungle more reddish;
I found Pope’s fire Salamander,
Gnomes and Sylphs flying,
How awful!
Suddenly I heard the voices of bangles,

The more I dared the more I got scared.
And as I walked a little away,
I found a firefly sitting under a naked tree
Who possessed a blue rose,
Oh, my conscience was at stake!



While writing the poem I experienced that ‘contemplation over scary thoughts’ makes a man ghostlike. Because a poet needs to go beyond the human touch.

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