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Someone Called My Name

Someone Called My Name

written by: Ujjal Mandal



In the midst of the jungle
Each night I could hear
Someone calling my name:
O Bright! O Bright!

A little cottage
Made with dry leaves
I lived in a cage
Full of darkness.

One day I dared––
As I opened the half-broken door
The smell of wild flowers
Wafted out,
The red dew was dripping
That drew the jungle more reddish;
I found Pope’s fire Salamander,
Gnomes and Sylphs flying,
How awful!
Suddenly I heard the voices of bangles,

The more I dared the more I got scared.
And as I walked a little away,
I found a firefly sitting under a naked tree
Who possessed a blue rose,
Oh, my conscience was at stake!



While writing the poem I experienced that ‘contemplation over scary thoughts’ makes a man ghostlike. Because a poet needs to go beyond the human touch.

Ujjal Mandal

Ujjal Mandal

Ujjal Mandal is an Indian poet and a connoisseur of literature who was born on September 21,1995 in Ganguria, Malda, West Bengal. He has two poetry books to his credit - "Ambrosia In Budding Flowers" (English), "Shobder Phul" (Bengali) which are available on Amazon. He has qualified national level SET exam in English subject in 2020 and beside having published a research paper titled "Tagore's The Golden Boat: A Critical Study in Context of Deconstruction Theory and the British Colonialism", his poetry has appeared in India and abroad in various journals, magazines, literary press, blogs and in diverse poetry of anthologies such as - 'Aulos: An Anthology of English Poetry', 'PS: It's Poetry', 'Insulation', 'I Want to Live' and others. He says, "poetry is the philosophical and spiritual combination of heart and mind".
Ujjal Mandal

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