Sonnet to the Corporate Towers written by huntersjames at

Sonnet To The Corporate Towers

Sonnet to the Corporate Towers

written by: huntersjames



These master brutes be-numbed by greed to lead
Narcissistic cravers suck off others’ stolen feed

All, they feign to care, compassion practice and rehearse
One purpose only, for me, for I, no other thought but theirs

Giving speeches, reports and claims for work they have no claim
Climbing always, assuming the position bowing lame

They kiss her feet then turn and touch the ground
Pretending to be loyal, this sacrifice their pleasure found

When turned away for another, they pretend and hide their sore
Quickly changing habits panting for another’s door

Slap one down, they churn and elbow yipping bores
Endless chasms falsely lit by sycophants all chasing scores

It all comes down at last in a final crash
Freedom comes slowly squeezing out their ash.

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