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Joan McNerney


  1. Where, do you hail from?

I was born in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I had to move to upstate New York because of health problems and the expense involved in living in the Big Apple.

  1. What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

The people of Brooklyn and New York City in general are fantastic. There is so much there, I can only say that the Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite. Upstate New York is tremendously beautiful, awe-inspiring in fact.

  1. What turns you on creatively?

Almost everything, love***nature***dreams and the new technology are some of my favorites. I also have a humorous outlook. Wrote a long series of work poems, these about ordinary workers.

  1. What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?


Wisteria mild wild wisteria vines of flowery grapes germ ate.

  1. What is your pet peeve?

The grubby, rude and crude nature of many. My brain is not your service counter. There is only a thin veneer of civilization apparently. Your being wealthy does not impress me and neither does your so-called pedigree. Also their fabrications (a kind word for lies) are not to be believed. People from Brooklyn know a whooper when they hear one.

  1. What defines JoanMcNerney?

A hard worker who has been completely self-supporting since 17 years old due to family misfortunes. A lucky duck who met a great guy. A poet who continues banging on the door.

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