Standing Stones written by Ricky Hawthorne at

Standing Stones

Standing Stones

written by: Ricky Hawthorne



Granite faced, ingrained and frozen;
Emotionally padlocked;
Unable to intervene, object,
Or weep;
Observers, impassive witnesses to

At once, erect yet prone,
At once, the same, yet more
Than Castlerigg; those unwitting innocents
Sculpted by primitive hands
Conceived by primordial minds,
Awestruck and terrified by
Distant celestial progression

Scapegoats of death and pestilence,
Tireless and patient
Of wind whipped intolerance hewn their way; of
Atrocity stained rock and
Offerings of zealous trepidation;
Ransoms, guileless and painful
Proffered by primeval souls

Today, here in Nirvana and
With each savage moment of inexorable evolution,
We supersede them
Until finally the circle
Is complete

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