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Sticks and Stones …

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The war of words between GOP hopefuls continues. Terms such a “”Trumpism” have arisen out of the dissatisfaction many have with Donald Trump’s characterization of his opponents and rivals, yet a war of words is what it is, and, all it is.

In a democracy such as ours, citizens can say almost anything because they are protected under the First Amendment.

There are those that would argue that Trump is brash, rude and politically incorrect and although this may be true, the fact is that politics is a dirty business where civility and political correctness are often challenged. What this war of words highlights are our freedoms; freedom to express ourselves no matter how caustic it may be at times.

Freedom of expression is part of a great legacy we have inherited and we must be careful in our attempt to maintain civility not to repress it. We may not like the way in which many use it, but it is highly valued by us all.

It brings to mind the old English nursery rhyme “Sticks and Stones”. The difference is that politicians are not children and words are not sticks, or stones.

The war of words is part and parcel of the business of politics; it has occurred throughout our history and will continue to do so. In the end the chosen one will represent his or her party and the war of words will be refocused and extended to include the member chosen by the opposing party to represent them.

Ceci est la vie est cette guerre.

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