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Straw House

written by: Barbara Harris Leonhard


Nestled in a bed woven
of twigs, grass, mud,   
a shattered blue egg
and a shiny pink hatchling.

Its tiny head            
stretches backward.
Soft yellow beak opens
the bright orange throat,
     I am alive!
          I am     alive!

Fragile, tiny life
screams for food.   
Can it thrive     
through storms, parasites,

I shelter in my nest.
Dare I sing my life,
gather with my flock?        
If I fly the coop,
fail to soar,
I lie        exposed,
hunted        by an invisible predator.
     Ready to die?     
My remains, carted away   
to a mass grave.

Huddled in this brittle shell,
cracked open for a view of light,
of sun to scan my glossy skin.
     Still alive.
             Still     alive.

Barbara Harris Leonhard

Barbara Harris Leonhard

Barbara Leonhard is a writer, poet, and blogger at Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver. Her podcast Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul explores universal themes such as Grief, Kindness, and Presence. She taught writing for many years at the University of Missouri and is the author of Discoveries in Academic Writing. She is also a regular contributor to Free Verse Revolution, PhoebeMD, and Go Dog Go Café.
Barbara Harris Leonhard

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