Stuck Outside Letterkenny, a poem by Ricky Hawthorne at

Stuck Outside Letterkenny

Stuck Outside Letterkenny

written by: Ricky Hawthorne



Ah, was it this captivating first time ‘round?
Too profuse and real for the impatience of a laxative mind
But she always knew.

A glimmering ago a cafe window glistened,
Its charming interior, sun blessed;
Further along, decked in calico,
A boutique’s broad smile
Beguiled you in;
Above, around and beyond
The scent of soap and chocolate
Baked bread and flowers, pervaded
A street; a conflation of pleasure and yet
I sped by, insensible, seeking other signposts;
Other routes

Now, trapped like melancholic sand
Grating in a plugged hourglass,
Beyond me the distant café’s violet
Eyes are sealed; the boutique’s finery
Shuttered away; perfumes obliterated
In a haze of fumes.

All now is closed
And all now merely vapour and
All the more lovelier now lost and
The road not taken, gridlocked forever.

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