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Surrender: Liberation

Surrender: Liberation

written by: Grace Condon


places for negative thoughts to be harbored are etched into our minds,

space for the past and all its taunting mistakes to be held,

and all our hopes for the future to be kept,

where uncertainty conquers all desire,

and where presence remains absent.


sanity is lost.

when a moment comes that you are full and content,

see that there is no shelter or safety in this place.

though it may feel that way,

it is only the confinements manifested by negative thoughts.

it may feel as if it is where you’re meant to be,

where you may be drawn into your vices,

safe for excuses to be born.

it is not where you are meant to be.

you’ll remember,

once you leave this harbor tethering you to pity and self doubt,

venture out into open waters,

let yourself sink deep within the depths of your soul,

find a new home within the present,

carrying with you the lightness of an open heart and an open mind within a moment.

Grace Condon

Grace Condon

I have begun to live from a place of passion uncontrolled by fear. This, creating/writing, is my passion. Right now, I am in a place, where I can be open to judgment, and I understand what judgment truly means. Now, I can say that I am free. Sharing my experiences is what will assure me of that. I hope my words will resonate with someone…even if it is just one person. And, that I can give to others through my writing.
Grace Condon

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