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Sympathy to Spare

written by: Mark Tulin



We were random strangers
whose paths crossed
in a CVS parking lot
She had lost a good friend,
and if I would be so kind
to lend her my shoulder

She wanted a strong body to hug,
whose heart was still beating,
and had sympathy to spare
She thanked me when it was over
and vanished down the road,
past the bank and the ice cream parlor

Past the church with the steeple,
into the hustle-bustle
of our everyday lives
where someone’s pain touches another,
and whose caring gesture
comforts our wounds.

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin is a former mental health therapist who lives in Santa Barbara, California. Mark has two poetry books, Magical Yogis and Awkward Grace available on Amazon. He has an upcoming book of fiction, The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories available in August. Mark has been featured in Fiction on the Web, Wild Literary Magazine, Terror House Magazine, Trembling with Fear, Visitant, Oddball Magazine, New Readers Magazine, as well as anthologies, college journals, and podcasts.
Mark Tulin

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