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Tell Me

Tell me

written by: Christina Strigas



tell me about the magic 

tickling the back of your throat.


tell me why you forgot

your wallet when you saw me.


tell me why you didn’t 

break down all my walls.


tell me why you stopped asking questions.


tell me if you forgot my curves.


tell me you’ll still

drive fast

to get to me. 


tell me why I’m 

wrong about you.


tell me why you and i

still exist.


tell me the reason

you lied.


tell me why you feel

names are not important.


tell me why you left me

when you

wanted to meet me.


tell me why you never

loved me from across

a room. 


tell me whatever is on

your mind,

i’m listening. 

Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas

I write because I have no other choice. I write because I have stories to tell and poems like film slides in my mind.
Christina Strigas

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