Tenebrosus, poetry by LCF-M at Spillwords.com
Pawel Czerwinski



written by: LCF-M


Erebus and Keket
holding hands, standing
on the perimeter, starless!
Engulfed with passion,
submitting to desire.
Embracing, becoming one;
creating Zelda.

Dark battle endures;
tantrums, silent screams
driving apart galaxies.
Surrounding, holding within
primitive chaos.
An absence of light;
Achlys born.

Disobedience creates fruitless
deeds. Cause and effect:
Dark matter expands universes.
Denying one
genesis, his power:
Limited creation.

Stretching out,
encased in elasticity,
into the abyss.
Soulless void
has no measurement.
Greedily they indulge, drunk
from the absence
of light.

The vacuum, waltzing
parents, lovingly embrace.
Children are playful,
pushing with no force.
proud of their
limitless creation.

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