Tent, a poetic sonnet written by JPK at Spillwords.com
Vadim Sadovski



written by: JPK


Remember pitching our old ‘A’ frame tent?
Set just one line wrong, end up wet all night.
The pegs were mis-matched, half the poles were bent.
It took us hours to get the canvas tight.

You’d let me light the lamp, you’d start a fire,
burn sausages and give me sips of beer,
then tell me ghostly tales ‘til we grew tired.
“I’m frightened Dad.” “Don’t worry Son, I’m here.”

They put you in a tent with plastic sides
to hold in oxygen, so you could breathe.
I came and sat with you those last few nights,
knowing the time was close for you to leave.
You spoke, I leaned inside the tent to hear;
“I’m frightened Son.” “Don’t worry Dad, I’m here.”

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