The Broken Door Knob, a poem by Oladimeji Olatunji at
Mikey Dabro

The Broken Door Knob

The Broken Door Knob

written by: Oladimeji Olatunji


You say that you love me, is that a thing?
A thousand times and more
You’ve said it and it counts for nothing.
These very words I held onto have left me broken.

Your charms don’t work anymore,
Quit trying and bother me no more.
We were magic until…
Until the moon turned red,
and my heart you chose to rent.

I’m perplexed to see how quickly it is that you forget
those promises you endeared me with.
I really am a fool!
I clung so tightly to words filled with empty promises,

I thought you were different
And even when the signs became apparent,
I prayed with intent
that you won’t break me like you did others
but here I am — in smithereens.

It’s funny how things played out in my head
and how largely contrasting the reality upheld,
damn second chances.
I should have used the door
When it had its knob

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