The Conversation, written by Sadhana Subramanian at

The Conversation

The Conversation

written by: Sadhana Subramanian


Hey! Tonight I want to talk
About the wind in my hair
That entangles often but never breaks,
No matter how fierce the breeze,
Weird, don’t you think?
If only you and I were so.

You say we need to talk.
Yes, I know, I have been meaning to.

But first, about the rain in the afternoon.
That pittered pattered, like a song.
Colluding with the Gulmohar at the bend.
Pining for me, seeking attention,
As if to say, give me some, would you?

Oh, that curtain in the bedroom,
Stuck to one side, wouldn’t budge.
Hanging onto its stubborn hook.
I wish you’d fix it. I tried. Could you?
Oh, but you said let it be.
I’ll remind myself to forget. Again.

Hey, are you listening?
Yes, I am getting there,
Yes, we need to talk.

But before that, tell me, did you notice
the cracks on the wall near the mirror,
The seepage, behind our photos?
I did as you lay with your back to me
last night, like every other.

Just by the way, I called you,
That day, when the lights went out
To find the lighter we bought together
Missing from the drawer in our closet.
But as usual, couldn’t connect.

Oh sorry, you said we needed to talk.
Cos we haven’t spoken, you and I.

Yes, my dear.
We need to talk,
But no, not tonight.

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