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The Coward

The Coward

written by: Ines Ben El Hadj


You broke my heart and ran away
You always anyway got your way
Like a coward, you just let it down
As if it was yours to smash, to own

You just thought of yourself, again
And just shut off, again and again
You left me with this lingering pain
And, with this eternal pouring rain

At the end of the day, who are you?
Did I even really get to know you?
Or did you just change out of the blue?
I don’t know and I never really knew

At the end of the day, did I love you?
What did I even really feel for you?
Was it love? Was it the infatuation?
Now, I’m just lost in this infinite motion

Maybe I just fell with the idea of you
Maybe I just fell with the idea of love
Maybe I didn’t even experience “love”
Maybe I didn’t even really love you

Now, I don’t know you but I miss you
I don’t know if you will ever come back
I don’t know if I should ever wait for you
I don’t know if I really want you back

All I know is you’ll never enter again
You’ll never mess up my world, again
You poison my thoughts, my feelings
With all your luscious words and sayings

Through this emptiness, I’m rebirthing
Creating a fierce motivation, from nothing
Creating my beginning from this ending
Through this haunting pain, I’m ascending

Ines Ben El Hadj

Ines Ben El Hadj

I am The Free Spirit, aka Ines Ben El Hadj, a 20 years old writer and poet. I love to explore through my writing all types of feelings, points of view, and philosophies. I also aim to use my writing to fight all types of injustices and to question our place in this vast universe. I am an avid learner and reader, as I am curious about all types of subjects and means that may give me the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings, in a creative way.
Ines Ben El Hadj

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