The Darkness Did Not Know, poem by Michael Zeller at
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The Darkness Did Not Know

The Darkness Did Not Know

written by: Michael Zeller



The darkness did not know, as light, like arrow, sped
Across the blacksome space, the iridescence spread.
Upon the darkened land, enblanketed in dusk,
Life-giving luminous, it warmed the fallow husk.

Now none can ever tell whence came this graceful beam
Hot energetic pulse, which split death at its seam.
It made a way through cold, across abyssal deep
Brought life and stole it out, from frigid dungeon keep

Its spectrum penetrates, through ignorance and hate
The seedling hopes then stir and deepest longings sate.
The darkness surely knows and trembles now to see,
How light has come to earth and set creation free.

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